Three White Soldiers

The Three White Soldiers pattern is a bullish candle formation on a trading chart that occurs at the low point of a bearish trend What does the three white soldiers pattern mean? The three white soldiers pattern or pattern can help you detect if there is a price reversal after a downtrend. But do you … Read more

What is Littoral Land?

Littoral land is a piece of land on the side of a static water body. The land next to the ocean, sea, or lake is known as littoral land. Littoral land or property is commonly called seaside, beachfront, or lakefront property. Riparian land, as compared to littoral land is the land next to a flowing … Read more


Quarters, synthetically expressed by the symbols Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4, in the financial world are an indicative time period for the release of financial reports by companies, as well as for the release of dividends. How are the quarters composed? Each quarter is composed of 3 months, following this pattern: Q1 January, February, March … Read more

Bear Trap

Bear Trap is a technical analysis concept that refers to a signal that a bullish trend is reversing. The Bear Trap makes one believe that a Bull Market is turning into a Bear Market, a prediction that will later prove to be inaccurate causing losses to those who set bearish trades following such a signal. … Read more

Business Day

When we talk about a business day, we are refer to one of those days of the week during which work activities are carried out on a regular basis. In most countries, the working days that make up the work week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This does not include weekends (Saturday or … Read more

Bear Hug

In the business world, there are several methods of taking control of a company. One method is popularly known as the bear hug. Basically, the bear hug is a hostile takeover attempt that is made in such a way that the company’s board of directors finds it impossible not to accept the offer. Here is … Read more


The term traunch refers to a series of payments that are to be made periodically only if certain goals are reached. A practical example of the use of this concept can be found in start-up campaigns, where split fundraisers are often made and continued only if a certain goal is reached. This particular staggered methodology … Read more

Centralized Market

A centralized market is a type of national or local market in which securities and financial instruments are traded at fixed prices without any influence from competing markets. The quoted prices of securities shown on the market represent the only price available to traders seeking to buy or sell a particular security. The main centralized … Read more

Short Selling vs Put Options

Short sales and put options are two bearish investment methodologies. The concept of a bearish position can be summarized by saying that the investor will go into profit the moment the price of the security on which he is positioned falls. Difference between Short Selling and Put Options Although both Short Selling and Put Options … Read more

What Is the Difference Between the Rule of 70 and the Rule of 72?

In finance, the rule of 72 and the rule of 70 are methods for estimating the doubling time of an investment. The number referred to in the rule is divided by the interest rate over the period (usually years) to obtain an approximation of the number of periods required for doubling. Although modern scientific calculators … Read more