What is real estate?

A person or a company may have in possession of certain real estate or real estate assets that it can economically exploit to obtain a profitability. This type of capital is known as real estate, which can not only be exploited but also grants the person or company to which it belongs a series of … Read more

What is a deferred asset?

Despite being classified as an asset, the concept of deferred asset refers to expenses already paid but not yet used. The main objective of all this is not to alter the financial accounts of the companies in the periods in which those disbursements classified as expenses have not been used. At any time a company … Read more

What is compound capitalization?

Compound capitalization is one of the ways in which the calculation of an interest can be carried out, being the compound capitalization the one that in its calculation takes into account not only the amount of capital -such as occurs with the capitalización simple or simple interest – but also the amount accumulated as interest … Read more

What does Maquila mean?

Maquila is a term that is used in the context of administration, of the organization of the , business and management. Specifically, it is usually used to talk about those inputs or technologies that are acquired by importing and employing a local labor force, destined to produce products for subsequent export. Specifically, the maquila allows … Read more

Definition of business risk

In all businesses there are a series of business risks that generate uncertainty when trying to grow or try to propose solutions to the different problems that arise on a day-to-day basis. Each of the decisions that are made in a company, regardless of their importance, poses a risk to the company. In addition, not … Read more

What is a Risk Map?

Risk maps are prevention methods that help detect new risks and threats to your business activity. They are used to raise the current situation of the business against the economic and social situation that surrounds it, what negative aspects may affect and how to solve them. Objectives of the risk map If you wonder what … Read more

What are cookies?

Browser cookies are files created by a website that contain small amounts of data and are sent between a sender and a receiver. On the Internet, the sender would be the server where the web is hosted, while the receiver would be the browser used to visit the Internet pages. What are cookies for? Cookies … Read more

What is feasibility?

The definition of viability in business terms refers to the possibility that a project or business can progress, guaranteeing its long-term profitabilityeconomic. In a simple way, the concept of viability can be considered as the option that a project can be carried out, with a certain continuity over time. To do this, the resources you … Read more

What is a proxy?

The definition of proxy is the person who has the powers of another individual to act on their behalf. The attorney-in-fact represents the other and acts on his behalf. In the legal field, the seizure process takes place through a document known as power of attorney, which is a unilateral manifestation of the subject who … Read more

What is the urban economy?

The concept of urban economy refers to the area of ​​science that relates economic and urban science. The urban economy studies the economic systems produced in the population in order to carry out analysis of the different urban economic strategies and to be able to translate it, later, into urban planning, projects or programs by … Read more