What is notoriety?

The concept of notoriety is closely related to the strategies of marketing, in accordance with the actions carried out by the company. Notoriety is based on knowing if our target audience is aware that our brand exists. In this way, notoriety is related to the information that the user receives and has received about the … Read more

What is a Joint Venture?

Joint Venture is the Anglo-Saxon term used to refer to the agreement between two or more companies that pool their resources in order to complete a common task or reach the same goal. This task or objective can be to launch a new project or any other type of business activity. In Spanish it is … Read more

What is a credit?

A loan is an operation in which a creditor, lends an amount of money for a specified time to a debtor, which will return it in the future with interest. These credits are used to finance some type of purchase or to make a business investment, with the aim of producing a greater profit. The … Read more

What is a quality seal?

Quality seals are hallmarks that demonstrate the quality of a service or product, becoming very useful tools for the user, who can thus entrust their purchase to a good product. Behind a quality seal there is the endorsement of an official authority. This body will establish the conditions that the service or product must have … Read more

What is near-money?

Quasi-money is a type of financial asset similar to normal money, but with the main characteristic that it has a lower liquidity That this. Normally, it represents in certain periods of time and the money can be transformed since it can be easily redeemed in cash. The main purpose of quasi-money is that with ease … Read more

What is quotation?

The concept quotation, from the Latin term quotus, which means 'how much', refers to the fact of setting a price, pay a fee or estimate something. This word is used to refer to the documentation that indicates the real value of a service or a good. It can also be defined as the price at … Read more

What is yield?

The profitability or dividend yield (in English, yield) is a financial indicator that allows to analyze the current or past state of a company. Financial indicators, known in the financial field as ratios, are calculated by directly dividing two pieces of information. For its part, the yield shows a percentage relationship that exists between the … Read more

What is a keyword?

The definition of keyword or key word is the term or set of words that users use to find information or a specific web page in search engines such as Google. On many occasions, it is possible that potential clients are unaware of the existence of your , so using general words it will be … Read more

What is know how?

The concept of knoe how comes from English and means "know how". Therefore, the definition of know how is the set of skills and knowledge that allow a company to or a person developing an activity or a project with experience. The characteristics of know-how are determined by the abilities that an entity has to … Read more