What is an Insight?

The term insight is used in the marketing and advertising to refer to the instant that a user clearly realizes that the service or product that your company offers is what is best for them and is what they are looking for. To understand the meaning of insight a little better, one could say that it is about sudden inspiration, the moment when the mind clicks and finds a solution to what it needs.

The times when the company has a disclosure regarding customer expectations could also be included as a definition of insight. By realizing your needs, you will act in a more concrete way when communicating messages to that client and thus achieve the results you want.

What are the insights?

The insight into the company refers to a deep motivation of the consumer regarding their behavior towards a brand, product or scope. It is based on experiences or perceptions of the user with the signature. This term delves into the psychology of the client. What it intends is to link with the consumer individually and that the message launched has identification and acts accordingly. One of the best ways to discover the insights of our company or organization is through the market research technique called focus group, which allows knowing the perceptions of our target audience.

Among the examples of advertising insight is the Coca Cola campaign: "the best thing about having a Coca Cola is being able to share it." In this way it is intended that the consumer identifies with the idea that it is better to drink this drink in company, rather than alone. Another proposal is the 'Think Small' campaign by Volkswagen, which sought to relaunch the presence of its beetle model on the market. The insight in this case was to admit that there was a part of the population that did not see larger vehicles as the best option.

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