What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Having up to date all the information that, as a company or brand, we release is essential to be in contact with the people who most require that information. Therefore, it is important to analyze and measure everything that we are going to talk or comment on the network.

ORM (online reputation management) or online reputation is the influence or impact that a specific person or brand has on its target because of the content you share in the media, social networks, blogs, etc.

Thevirality in ORM it plays an important role. The actions of the company must be in accordance with the objectives that are set, in addition to the attitude that it has before society. This attitude must be exceptional, since the benefits we want to achieve depend on it. Therefore, that a company becomes more or less viral regarding its actions and what it comments in the digital world.

The role of the marketing strategies of the company and of the figure of the community manager are fundamental so that the information generated from it is channeled, to which importance must be given.

Therefore, there must be a concordance between the ideals and interests of the company with the opinion and attitude of consumers or regular users of the company.

We must bear in mind that the reputation itself that is generated through a brand by commercial actions of a company or individuals is what will determine the course that its online reputation will take. For this reason, we must pay special attention to what is done and what is not done, how it is spoken, what time is spent on and what is not. But it should start to be measured from the first moment, since it is a long process and it is built over time.

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