What is bartering?

The concept of bartering refers to the action of marketing led by an organization that can be done in different ways. It may be by producing a non-advertising piece that will transmit a medium without the organization that promotes it, pays for the diffusion, or by providing products that serve as a claim with the intention of capturing the public's attention, in a content halfway between the editorial and the advertising.

What is bartering?

In Spanish, a translation of bartering could be the term barter. This exchange system is usually very common on television, when a chain gives part of its advertising space to a specific advertiser, where the brand will deliver the brand already made, so it is considered as a barter between the advertiser and the medium.

Bartering in marketing is an advertising modality that allows the introduction of a brand or product within television programming. The negotiation of a barter between the advertiser and the medium leads to an exchange, where the former facilitates free production that can be broadcast directly from the medium.

How does bartering work?

This concept encompasses a commercial operation, which partially replaces the payment in cash for the exchange of services, goods or considerations advertising.

An example of bartering is when a sponsor is in charge of managing a section of a site, designing the information and the way it is published. In television, the installation of advertising locations during the broadcast of the program or at the end of it, the transfer of products by the brand advertiser to give to viewers and even in some programs the presenters interrupt the programming to talk about a certain product or service. In the latter case it is usually in exchange for an amount of money.

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