What is PPC?

The PPC (pay per click), comes from the English pay per click. It refers to an Internet advertising model where the advertiser pays to place ads from their website on another page or search engines. Every time a user clicks on the ad, they will be directed to the advertiser's website.

In the event that users come from a web page, payment is agreed for each click at a fixed cost, while in the case of a search engine, the cost will be variable as it is based on an auction system where it will depend on the number of advertisers and what they are willing to pay. Based on these variables, the position in which the advertising will appear is specified.

The PPC model is used on search engines, but also on content and product portals.

What is Pay Per Click?

The PPC in digital marketing industry It can be described as the relationship between a website that is responsible for offering an advertising space and another website that seeks to promote its contents, services or products through advertisements that have a link. The fee to be charged in the pay per click is based on a specific price to pay for each click that is made when people click on the ad in question.

An example of PPC or SEM They are the Google Adwords campaigns and their sponsored links that appear in the first search results on Google and in the ads on the right.

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This pay-per-click system is interesting to help increase traffic to the advertiser's page and, in the case of search engines and vertical portals, sales. In addition, it is very useful for start-ups when they urgently need to make themselves known or communicate products.

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