What is display advertising?

Display advertising is an online advertising format where ads appear on landing pages in the form of banners. In their simplest structure, these banners are presented as a combination of images and text, although in recent years there has been an advance with the inclusion of video, audios and other interactive systems.

Usually the ad display appears on the side or at the top of the landing page. There are four basic display advertising payment models, where the choice will depend on the advertiser's preferences and the recommendations made by marketers:

  • Cost per thousand
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per action
  • Flat rate

What is a display campaign?

A display campaign is the ads in banner format that you will find on different pages, blog or digital platforms, the intention of which is to attract customers.

It is necessary to carry out an adequate strategy for the campaign in order to get the desired response from your target. It is considered necessary to carry out this type of advertising on pages that are related to the services or products you offer.

Examples of display advertising include animated banners or static banners.

Advantages of display advertising

Discover below the advantages of the advertising display:

  • It can be measured: we will be able to control the key metrics: frequency, impressions, CTR, etc., in order to make changes on the fly and optimize the results.
  • Offers great targeting options: Affiliate networks help advertisers segment their campaigns with a high number of possibilities to ensure they reach the right audience. There is also the possibility of establishing agreements with high traffic websites.
  • Customize the payment method: there are several options to manage the payment of display campaigns.
  • Great visual impact: through images or videos you will be able to awaken the user's attention.
  • Perfect for remarketing campaigns: for campaigns aimed at recovering users who have visited your page but left without buying.
  • Provides good synergies with mobile: it is able to combine the usual banners with customization options to provide personalized content.


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