What is a page stealer?

Online advertising is becoming more real and more efficient in terms of the content that is disseminated. So much so, that it is constantly advancing and evolving to offer content in an easier way for both advertisers and supports.

Same as himbanner, the page stealer is a type of advertising format that is adaptable (since it has different dimensions) to almost any web page, in order to offer an advertisement as adapted as possible. In addition, web pages dedicate a specific space to this type of format for their advertisers to place their ads there.

The greatest advantage of this type of banner or advertising format is creativity or flexibility compared to other advertising formats. The page robbers have different models, shapes and measures adaptable to the web page and the dimensions of the message to be transmitted.

The page stealers, having different measures and formats, can be included in strategic places of a web page to gain visibility and impact. Normally, these strategic sites are not usually inclusive with the user, so the support is usually used to sell the space to the advertiser.

The maximum weight that a page stealer can support is approximately 30kb. Regarding the formats, we find the following measures: 300x250 pixels, 300x300 pixels or 300x600 pixels, with rectangular or square shapes.

As for the ad that usually appears on the page stealer, it is usually according to the content that is being discussed on the website. Therefore, when we browse a web page and find advertising display in the middle of a news item, it will usually be based on the content of the news or recent searches we have made.

This is due to cookies stored on our device, which allow better adjusting the advertising content to the searches and information that we are consulting.

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