What is an impression in digital marketing?

En digital marketing industry, the measurements of different parameters becomes fundamental. For an advertising campaign or advertisement to better fit the target audience, we must measure certain parameters and see the impact, reaction or information that it throws at us.

The concept of printing is one of the most basic and fundamental in digital advertising. An impression is the number of times that a user is in front of an advertisement or advertising format, whether they pay attention to it or not.

To calculate the total number of impressions an ad has received, multiply the reach it has had (range or coverage: the total number of people to whom the advertising message is directed) by the frequency in which it has been seen.

Regarding the display of the ad, we have to highlight that there are different advertising formats. The most common isbannerwhich consists of showing an ad to the user (depending on its characteristics, recent searches and other parameters) in a specific area of ​​a web page. Whatever the format, we must take into account the appropriate measures to know with total certainty and precision the impressions received in an ad.

Cost per thousand (CPM)

Hecost per thousand the CPM It refers to the cost of a thousand impressions on a certain website, regardless of whether the user decides to click on the ad or not. The advertiser will pay the amount that the web deems appropriate for offering its ad on said web page.

For example: if the CPM of a website is 10 euros, it means that 1000 impressions will cost us 10 euros or, what is the same, that 1 impression on this website is worth 0 euros.

The cost of the CPM will be decided by the website, based on the impressions generated by users and the traffic of people visiting the website. However, for large amounts of impressions, the advertiser may have the power to vary the CPM price.

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