what is the digital marketing?

The definition of digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is a concept that encompasses all those commercial actions and strategies that are executed on Internet channels: social networks, blog and websites, forums, video platforms, etc. This phenomenon has been developing since the 90s as a way of transferring offline methods to the digital field.

Cáracterísticas del marketing digital

Digital marketing is a basic strategy for companies due to the great opportunity for growth, diffusion and positioning they provide. Potential clients are almost permanently connected by computer, tablet or smartphone.

Among its main features:

  • Affordable costs: in terms of budget, online marketing is more accessible compared to traditional marketing channels, such as radio or television.
  • More ability to control and correct campaigns: this is possible thanks to the possibility of consulting the results in real time, as well as in a very exact way.
  • Make a personalized segmentation: you can structure campaigns and carry out a market segmentation to which we address according to the psychological, sociodemographic data, as well as the behaviors of the users on the network.
  • Flexibility and dynamism: option to make tests and modifications on the fly according to the results achieved and the behavior of the users.

How important is digital marketing?

Among the top examples of digital marketing are the following tools.

  • Web or blog: these are two of the main tools from which to centralize a digital marketing campaign. At the same time and in a complementary way, social networks, video platforms or forums can be used to give more visibility to the campaigns. It is necessary to have a website that generates confidence in potential clients. For its part, the blog focuses on the strategy of content marketing and allows you to create interesting content that helps positioning.
  • Search engines: in order to successfully position a page in the top positions of search engines, it is necessary to carry out organic positioning actions (SEO) or payment (SEM) in the online marketing strategy.
  • Social networks: The channels of SOCIAL MEDIA They are perfect complements for the dissemination of content, as well as for the creation of a brand community or customer service.
  • Display advertising: it is the most popular digital marketing tool. Refers to banners or advertisements of different formats and sizes that we find on internet sites.
  • Email marketing: replaces the traditional mailbox. It can be done from own or third-party databases, with messages in the form of bulletins, newsletter, etc.

Marketing digital and el e-commerce

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