What is CTR?

The meaning of CTR (Click through rate) is the number of clicks a link gets compared to the number of impressions. It is always calculated in percentage and consists of a metric that is generally used to measure the impact that an Internet campaign has had, be it a web page, a banner or a specific element. It is closely related to PPC of digital marketing campaigns.

How is the CTR or percentage of clicks calculated?

The CTR formula for calculating campaign performance is done by dividing the total number of ad views by the total number of clicks made by users. For example, when an ad has been seen 2.000 times and users clicked 200 times on it, the CTR or clickthrough rate would be 10%.

CTR = clicks / impressions

In their attempt to achieve better results in advertising campaigns, they try to improve the ads to achieve a higher CTR, which will imply that the ad has more visibility and therefore is more interesting for the user.

It should be noted that the higher the number of clicks, the higher the CTR achieved, while when the number of impressions is high and the clicks remain constant, the CTR will be lower.

It is difficult to make a generic assessment of the CTR in digital marketing industry, since the value will depend a lot on the medium where the campaign is published. A text ad published on Google will not be the same as an advertising banner on a website. It is possible that a percentage of 0,5% will be positive for this last option, but maybe 2% is not a good figure for a Google search ad.

In advertising platforms, such as Google Adwords, CTR is presented as a quality indicator that influences the price of advertising campaigns. marketing.

Although it is not proven that a good CTR influences the SEO, it is always advisable to be as high as possible to obtain the highest number of clicks in the SERPs.

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