What is Share of Voice or SOV?

The definition of share of voice is the level of participation of a brand, or user on a certain channel. It is a strategy more than digital marketing industry to know the repercussion at the level of participation that the proposed actions have. It will be a way of knowing if users make mentions of our brand, in what way they do it, the frequency or if they address positive or negative topics.

What is the Share of Voice?

The meaning of share of voice includes determining how large the share of a company or firm is in the market compared to the competition. Recently the definition has been broadened, incorporating social networks, Pay per click (PPC) and organic searches.

The main objective of measuring the share of voice is to be able to capture, to later study a conversation in detail. One of the great pending issues for brands in social networks lies in the complications to create a powerful message, with the ability to control and guide the conversations of users towards a specific purpose.

How is the Share of Voice calculated?

To calculate the share of voice we will use an example. First, we must know what the Share of Voice formula is.

SOV = Advertising of your brand / Total advertising of the market

During the break from a high-profile sporting event, an ad for a brand of potato chips is played. What interests us in this case is to measure how many times the snack company is mentioned by the people who talk about the event.

In the event that there are 50.000 people who talked about our brand on social media, while half a million commented on some chips during the sports show. Then, the share of voice calculation would be the result of dividing the number of users who mentioned the brand of snacks that we manage by the number of total users who made comments associated with the chips.

Share of voice: 50.000/500.000 = 0,1%

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