What is content marketing?

Digital content marketing is one of the most effective techniques of the digital age when it comes to finding potential customers and loyalty to those who have already turned to us at some point in the past.

This term is also known as content marketing and is not only used to attract people interested in the proposals of value of your brand. It also stands out for its way of transmitting the identity and values ​​of a business, while allowing it to gain a foothold in people's lives on a daily basis through different channels such as social networks.

What is content marketing?

El digital marketing industry Content refers to the process of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content in order to acquire, attract and retain a defined audience with the aim of creating profitable customer actions.

To achieve these goals it is essential to work with quality content and correctly developed.

Types of Content Marketing

There are several channels that comprise the area of ​​content marketing:

  • Articles on your blog or site: one of the best strategies to take advantage of content marketing is to create articles on your website or blog, and from there promote them through social networks. He content for the blog will be interesting for the user, this will increase web traffic and provide relevant content to the audience.
  • Email marketing: refers to sending newsletters and promotions to users via email. It is a good way to keep the audience informed about your news and to spread commercial proposals.
  • Videos: creating video as an integral part of a content marketing strategy is interesting, since this type of content is among the most promoted on social networks. It is advisable to create a YouTube channel.
  • Social networks: through this channel you can interact with the audience, so it can also be used to spread the content.
  • Graphic pieces: another important aspect is the realization of graphic pieces on social networks and blogs. This involves making animated GIFs, infographics, illustrations and images with texts.
  • Others: within content marketing there are other formats such as podcasts, webinars, mobile applications or even themed games.

Some examples of content marketing can be the campaign 'Las chicas del televoto, Netflix, which served to promote the series Las chicas del cable, also coinciding with Eurovision. The announcement achieved great recognition on social networks, or Ideas de PWC, where the blog contains important information about the sectors in which they operate.

Content marketing in e-commerce

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