What is a synergy?

There are terms that in the economía They are of relevant importance or their meaning has a different value than that applied to other aspects.

When we speak of synergy, we mean that the joint effect performed by two actions is greater than the same effect performed by the two actions but independently. It is the known 1 + 1 = 3.

For synergy to occur it is important that two actions complement each other. What is lacking in one must be given by the other action. In the event that they are not complementary, it would be absurd to say that both actions create synergy, and therefore the results will not be optimal.

On the other hand, it is also necessary that the actions they take are effective. It is useless if they complement each other but fail to achieve the objective set by the strategy. The goals They are subordinate to strategies that the synergy must comply with and understand to be carried out.

Synergies are often the subject of strategies for marketing, especially in the communication area. Thus, social networks are very important to create a good strategy in recent times. Completing actions through a viral campaign on a social network has become common among companies, since the truth is that they usually generate good results.

On the one hand we have the campaign on social networks, and on the other the campaign launched on TV. Both will be aimed at the same objective, sometimes synchronizing in a spectacular way (placing the advertising action on social networks in the same time slot of the advertisement). As we have said, synchronization or complementation has been essential so that these actions can be carried out.

However, for this to be done, the budget defined for these strategies must be good, optimal and realistic. It is useless to have good synergies in marketing strategies if then we have a limited budget.

Also know what business synergies consist of, known as j, where organizations come together to achieve better results.

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