What is an affiliate program?

The affiliate program is a term used in digital marketing industry to describe a system that makes it easier for program associates to make a profit by promoting a company's products or services. The promotion is usually done through online advertising on websites, blogs, applications, email, etc.

The appropriate thing is that those associated with an affiliate network try to attract customers for the companies involved, making a profit each time a customer performs an action, such as the purchase of an item.

How do affiliate programs work?

The definition of an affiliate program, therefore, can be the system through which an associate places links to products, and in the event of a sale, they will receive a commission for it. In the United States, affiliate platforms are very popular, where Amazon is one of the most used, but in Spain they still do not enjoy the same importance.

In the case of Amazon, which has an affiliate program, if someone enters your store through a link from one of these users, they will receive a commission for each product sold. In fact, they define it as an affiliate marketing program that allows web pages to create links and earn commissions for any sales obtained through these links.

Affiliates can promote their products through different means:

  • Social networks: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are some of the most used social networks to promote your affiliate links.
  • Blog: through well-written content you will be able to capture the attention of an audience that can become a potential buyer.
  • E-mail marketing: analyze ways to develop sale funnels They can reach the people who provided you with the email address.
  • Google Adwords: you have the possibility of making ads aimed at the public you want to reach through CPC. You will pay for each click you receive on your link.

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