What is a positioning?

A definition of positioning, a term linked to the field of marketing, can be the image that a brand, company, product or service occupies in the minds of users. The aforementioned positioning is elaborated from the perception that the consumer has of the brand and compared to the competitionof the company.

Through the concept of positioning, a company aims to enjoy a privileged and positive situation with regard to potential consumers. This knowledge allows the construction of different actions within an organization or firm, and decision-making in the marketing sector.

In terms of measuring competition, positioning is an important mechanism, especially because companies want to know what they cause in users compared to the reactions they may have to their competitors more frequently.

Common factors in a positioning strategy

To succeed in positioning, a series of aspects must be borne in mind:

  • You have to try to distinguish yourself from the competition, being as original as possible and avoiding copies.
  • Try to give an image as faithful as possible to the nature of the entity and the unique characteristics of its articles.
  • Provide benefits for the user.
  • It should consist of a process of improvement of the teaching, in addition to an increase in value added.
  • With a view to profitability, it is preferable that the positioning strategy is measurable.
  • The positioning must not damage the image of the company or the operation in the market.

Positioning factors

The positioning of a brand can be improved by means of a series of values ​​such as the years of activity, the history of the firm, the number of jobs it originates, the importance it has for the economic fabric of its environment or its place in the market in terms of innovation and economy.

Know all the information about market positioning in the company and how to position a brand or product.

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