What is the CRO?

The term CRO commonly used in the digital marketing industry, responds to the acronym in English of the expression Conversion Rate Optimization, which in Spanish means conversion rate optimization.

On a website, a conversion occurs when a user performs one of the actions desired for the site. The most common conversions are completing a purchase process, creating a record or generating a leaddetermined.

The ratio o conversion rate It is the percentage of visits of a website that makes a conversion in relation to the number of total visits that the website has.

Therefore, the conversion rate optimization or CRO means that various marketing techniques and strategies must be applied in order to achieve the highest number of conversions possible, thereby increasing the conversion rate.

CRO Fundamentals in Marketing

The conversion ratio optimization is based on the following aspects.

Improve performance

Optimizing the conversion rate on a website means obtaining more conversions, whether sales or registrations, of the current traffic that the web has. Therefore the CRO improves the financial performance of the website.

Engage the user

The first step in performing the CRO is to improve usability and website optimization, which must be as attractive as possible to the user in order to encourage them to act. He competitor analysis it is vital in this regard. Since it will also serve as a source of inspiration.

Research and testing

To carry out the CRO we must carry out a previous analysis of the website, detecting those areas in which an improvement is possible. This research will give us the basis to start optimization tests. The results of these tests will be analyzed and compared before making a final decision.

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