What is storytelling?

The meaning of storytelling refers to the art of telling a story, through the story they manage to create a conducive atmosphere, which in marketing it can be used to improve brand image or sales.

Therefore, storytelling in marketing is the technique that manages to connect with users, either in writing, orally, or through a story with a plot and a character. This ability to tell stories is one of the most traditional ways to connect with the public, to reach the hearts and minds of potential clients.

Storytelling was always a strategy widely used in traditional marketing, but nowadays it has known how to adapt to the needs of the online medium, showing that through the Internet it is also possible to appeal to the emotional side of the public, obtaining the trust and loyalty that all companies and firms search.

Customers don't always purchase a service or product. Sometimes, they also buy the emotion that your brand makes them feel and the meaning that it implies for them to have something of your signature. In short, it is about getting a personal and authentic connection to gain their trust.

How to make a good storytelling?

The translation of storytelling into Spanish would be to tell stories. A good storytelling must meet the following aspects:

  • The values ​​of the brand.
  • A component that provokes emotion in the public.
  • A language based on emotions.
  • Highlight the virtues that you have as a brand and that differentiate you from others.
  • The positive aspects that you can provide the user.
  • The appeal to convince the public that you are the best option over the rest of the brands.

It is important that the story revolves around an anonymous character, with whom the user can identify and who will serve to embody the mission, vision and values ​​of your company. You have to be clear about what type of audience you want to reach and define the perception we want them to have of the brand.

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