What is a sponsor?

The concept of sponsor or sponsor refers to an organization or person that sponsors, supports or finances a project or activity, usually for commercial and advertising purposes. The word comes from English, and this in turn comes from Latin sponsor, which means'guarantor'. When being Castilianized, the term sponsor is also often used.

Sponsorship supposes a marketing strategy focused on promoting a organization. In general, it is very common to sponsor activities with certain social recognition and great popular acceptance.

Among the most recognized examples of sponsors are, above all, the sponsorship of soccer team shirts or sporting events, music festivals or events with a certain social relevance. In the case of Real Madrid, it has the Fly Emirates sponsor on its shirt.

What is sponsorship?

What is sought with sponsorship is for users to link a brand with a specific value. As a result of this association of ideas, the sponsoring firm will be able to obtain a profitability economic, since it is one more advertising strategy.

A sponsor or sponsor can be an institution, company or person. With the sponsorship of certain activities the organization in question achieves create a positive brand image, which is for example what happens when a firm sponsors a charity race or a charity party.

Sometimes the concept of sponsor is confused with patrons or philanthropists, but they have nothing to do with it. The patron is usually a person with an important purchasing power who chooses to finance a project such as an exhibition of paintings without trying to achieve an economic benefit, only social recognition, while the philanthropist is someone with a great fortune who donates a part to a cause such as the investigation of a disease, without yearn for an economic return.

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